Booth University College partners with global cyber education leader to take byte out of cybercrime

April 24, 2018
Cybercrimes are growing exponentially, posing tremendous threats to our financial markets, undermining public confidence, violating our privacy and costing hundreds of billions of dollars annually.
A recent PWC survey found over half of Canadians companies have been a victim of cybercrime.  Accenture found few Canadians know how to respond to cybersecurity threats.
Booth UC, in partnership with global cyber education leader Cybint, is answering the call and offering two online cyber literacy courses this fall. The courses are relevant for anyone including the public and professionals who are hoping to stay ahead of the growing trend in cybercrime.

Using a unique “micro-learning” concept for maximum retention, these courses offer a comprehensive overview of cybercrimes, covering terminology, best practices to protect against cyber threats, unique online search and analysis techniques, and methods to uncover hidden data and recover deleted data from around the web.

Angela Davis, chair of the business program at Booth UC, says, “Educating everyday users, employees or both on cybersecurity risks is key today.  These courses provide that education and also include practical tools that students can start using today. In addition to our financial crimes major in the BBA program, Booth UC is providing unique opportunities for the community to improve cybersecurity.”

“Cyber literacy has become a core necessity within the workplace, and the demand for expertise in the cybersecurity and cyber intelligence fields continues to grow,” says Roy Zur, Cybint CEO and global cybersecurity and cyber intelligence expert.  “Our programs are designed to provide cyber literacy at both the individual level and managerial level – creating a broad network of cyber expertise that extends beyond typical technical expertise and adds value in any professional or business environment.”

Although the courses begin this fall, for those looking to secure a spot in these popular courses registration is open now. For additional information contact [email protected] or phone (204) 924-4887 or toll-free: 877-942-6684 ext. 887