Benefits of cannabis education in the workplace

October 16, 2018
Are you in the workforce? You’ll benefit from cannabis education.

As the legalization of cannabis sparks a new normal in Canadian society, The Winnipeg Chamber is hosting a full-day Cannabis Conference on November 28 at RBC Convention Centre. The conference features industry leaders who will provide clarity on legalization and how new cannabis policies and opportunities will impact your workplace.

No matter your industry, all workplaces benefit from cannabis education. Here’s how: 


Do you work in Human Resources?
Attend the Cannabis Conference and you’ll receive nine professional development hours with Chartered Professionals in Human Resources’ (CPHR) accredited program. As an HR professional, you handle employee relations and support. Being in-the-know about the very latest cannabis laws will help you develop customized plans for your workplace, including updating internal policies, drug testing, recruitment, and disciplinary actions. 


Are you an executive or manager?
The perspective of your clients, partners and competitors on cannabis and cannabis use will vary. What should you consider when associating your personal or company brand with cannabis? The Cannabis Conference has a session focuses exclusively on clearing the smoke on public relations considerations. 

Executives and managers need to know how to identify when an employee is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Cannabis education will help you understand Manitoba’s new cannabis laws and structure. Attend The Chamber’s Cannabis Conference to discover the appropriate steps to respond to impairment in the workplace and the importance of drug and alcohol policies. 


Do you work in healthcare?
As a healthcare professional, you’ll likely be called on to assist in identifying and mitigating addiction risks associated with cannabis use. Cannabis education will help you become familiarized with cannabis products and their side effects. Attend The Chamber’s Cannabis Conference to understand what resources are available to you to navigate cannabis in both medical and recreational contexts. 


Do you practice law?
Many businesses will likely need to seek your legal counsel when drafting new drug and alcohol policies. Organizations will also turn to you, legal professionals, for consultation on specific disciplinary actions and for help navigating cannabis rules and regulations. Attend The Chamber’s Cannabis Conference to strengthen your business network and to get insights from top insurers, licensed producers, employers and other legal experts on the best way to prepare your clients for cannabis. 


Do you own a business?
As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The legalization of recreational cannabis poses an increased liability to specific industries and business owners. Do you have enough cannabis education to develop a customized plan for your workplace to mitigate risks? The Chamber’s Cannabis Conference will help you understand how to communicate expectations to employees around responsible cannabis use. 


Are you a member of the workforce… in any industry?
To be blunt, anyone interested in the new era of cannabis legalization will benefit from The Chamber’s full-day Cannabis Conference.

​To recap, the conference will cover:

  • new cannabis laws and structure in Manitoba
  • employers’ responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • insight from top insurers, licensed producers, employers and legal experts
  • available resources to help companies navigate medical and recreational cannabis
  • the impact of legalization and changing social/work norms around cannabis use
  • cannabis products and their side effects
  • the importance of drug and alcohol policy
  • appropriate response steps to workplace impairment
  • growth enterprise opportunities
  • Manitoba Driving Laws and methods of enforcement  
  • and more… 

Join us for the Conference:


Wednesday, November 28
7:30 am – 4:30 pm
RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg
​375 York Ave.