Active shooter training available for Winnipeg businesses

April 26, 2017

It’s one of the worst situations imaginable: an armed person intent on causing harm enters a crowded space and starts attacking.

While it’s important to not live in fear, the possibility of an “active shooter” scenario at a workplace should be considered and built into regular staff training. Recently The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce invited the Winnipeg Police Service to tour our offices and hold a short training session with staff.

“We’re having the conversation now so you have options, so that should the worst case scenario happen you aren’t starting from scratch,” said Constable Brad Sparrow whose presentation explored strategies to run, hide or fight depending on the circumstances.

“We’re preparing our staff for all various contingencies that they may encounter, with the idea being their safety is of utmost and paramount concern,” Winnipeg Chamber President Loren Remillard recently explained to Metro Winnipeg. “it’s not overreacting or underreacting.”

To arrange a training session for your job site, contact Const. Andrea Lefort at 204-619-3772 or [email protected].