8 Winnipeg date ideas you haven’t tried yet

July 12, 2017

Whether you’re lining up a first time Bumble stumble or celebrating ten years with your sweetheart, creativity matters to romance. Stepping off the beaten path for an unusual night out shows you’re more than interested in your partner; you’re hoping to make a memory.

Winnipeg’s got plenty for couples to do. This is where Canada’s heart beats, after all. But if you’re looking for more options after trying solid choices like a movie at the VIP theatre, board games at Across the Board, or busting out of Enigma Escapes, don’t worry – we’ve got ideas your love will love.

1. Go for a sunset canoe cruise along the Red


​Is there a more quintessential Canadian move than holding your partner in the sun’s last light as waves gently rock your canoe? Our plaid-wrapped hearts are pounding just thinking about it. Twin River Travel runs Friday evening excursions along the Red and Seine River almost every week. They take care of the logistics; you enjoy a new view of the city’s landmarks as the day fades into night.

2. Shoot a zombie or paint in 3D

​If your crush hasn’t tried virtual reality before, get ready to make their jaws drop. The staff at The Portal Winnipeg love introducing newbies to the immersive tech, with games that range from a zombie shooter to something called Richie’s Plank Experience (we won’t spoil the surprise). Their new Exchange District location has two linked headsets, so play with or against your date – whatever scores you more points.

3. Raise your hipster cred at a pop-up party

Whether you’re swimming on a skyscraper’s rooftop while a DJ drops the beat or shimmying with salsa dancers in the East Exchange, The Hub’s experiences are unforgettable and never to be repeated. Download the Culture Card app to sync their party schedule with your date plans. Bonus points: the app will get you and your flame deals to most local hot spots, from Thermea to the symphony.

4. Hunt ghosts on Broadway

Steamier than an HBO series, Winnipeg’s history of sex, crime and secrets will get your beau blushing. SquarePeg Tours offers a wide variety of very affordable walks to introduce you to our city’s wild history as well as the undead who haunt so many of our historic sites.

5. Align your chakras in mid-air

​We could all use a bit more peace, love and flexibility in our lives, so why not show your partner you care about wellness by getting your asana to a yoga session. Yoga Public offers such a wide variety of classes, we guarantee there’s something you haven’t tried, like the floating yoga sessions that move you from the mat into the hammock.

6. Get caught in the drama of the Canada Summer Games

Canada’s future Olympians will push their bodies and hearts to extremes for two weeks this summer, with a selection of sports you and your partner haven’t had on your doorstep since the Pan-Am Games. Show how passionate you can be as you cheer on Team Toba – or if sports aren’t you thing, check out the festival stages featuring Tanya Tagaq, Serena Ryder, Coeur de Pirate, JP Hoe and more.

7. See (and taste) Winnipeg’s booming beer scene

The recent surge in our brewing community is well known and worth checking out if you and your date enjoy a cold one. Most local breweries will offer a free tour – PEG Beer Co holds theirs Monday evenings while Little Brown Jug’s tasting room actually looks over their equipment. You’ll meet some great local entrepreneurs and add some talking points to your next party. Just pace yourself: words like “mouthfeel” “harmonious” or “undertones” are no guarantee of a second date.

8. Book a photo shoot while your city is in bloom

​Okay, this is more of a long-term relationship thing. Unless you’re doubling down early in which case… nice confidence (?) Winnipeg comes to life in the summer as people doff their layers, festival season hits its stride and our giant urban tree canopy goes green. While your selfie stick might do in a pinch, we’d like to recommend some pros who’ll capture the perfect summer moment against the backdrop of our beautiful home.

BONUS: Get into Winnipeg’s top attractions for less

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