6 Swag Items People Actually Like

August 30, 2018
Event swag is a must, but is your swag working for you? Swag is a valuable marketing tool – when used correctly your swag can actually work for you.

If you provide quality items that are thoughtful and match your audience, your clients are more likely to use your product and your name will become unforgettable. But, if your swag is low-quality and random, it likely won’t give you any return-on-investment.

Here are 6 swag ideas that people actually like:

1. Tote bag
Event attendees always need a place to put their swag – and what a better place to put them than your branded tote bag!

2. Bluetooth speaker
Power your company with tech products like this portable speaker from Chartered Professional Accountants Manitoba!

3. Stress ball
Think outside of the box when it comes to stress balls – we love this polar bear stress ball from Assiniboine Park Zoo!

4. USB Flash Drives
Everyday items, like this USB flash drive from Manitoba Building Trades, are great swag gifts because your customers will always see your brand’s name.

5. Mini Office Diffuser
Unique swag items, like this mini office diffuser from Chartered Professional Accountants Manitoba, get people talking about your brand.

6. Good quality pens
Investing in good quality pens, like these Pitblado Law pens, means people will actually use them and remember your brand. Investing in poor quality pens actually puts your brand’s name at risk – you don’t want people associating your brand with inky hands!

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