Get to know our Spirit Award finalists: Technology

February 23, 2017
​Ahead of the 8th Annual Spirit of Winnipeg Awards on March 10, we’re giving you a closer look at how the finalists in each category are impacting our city. Today’s category: Technology.

The Technology category recognizes the application of technology to improve the delivery of products and services that build a smarter city.

Thank you to our category sponsor:

What excites you about the work you do?

The ability to make a difference. To experience the life changing effect of providing electricity to those who never had it; or to be able to help families and schools take control of their energy source and gain autonomy; or to be able to help plan the energy strategy of a remote community that is isolated and diesel dependent to become autonomous, with a reliable and economical energy supply, protected from blackouts; all these experiences make the work extremely gratifying.
​As the predominant service provider in Manitoba, the MTS group of companies (MTS Inc., Epic Information Solutions, MTS Data Centres, and The Technology Consortium) brings a full suite of next generation wireless services (utilizing 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, CDMA-EVDO and Wi-Fi hotspot networks available to 97% of Manitobans), broadband (high-speed data and internet), converged IP services, unified communications and Cloud collaboration solutions to accommodate families and businesses in our city.
Although carshares in other cities have helped us tremendously, the Winnipeg market is still unique and we have had to learn how to adapt, and make things work for our city and our members. We are constantly growing, changing and learning and are exciting to see what opportunities are around the corner.

What does the word ‘community’ mean to you?

Coming together with friends, family and strangers and finding common ground, finding understanding, finding unity. Opening and getting to know people that you might not otherwise encounter, and years later recalling how a friendship blossomed from a random encounter where strangers decided to be brave enough to respect another, even if of different opinion, to pursue the expansion of their comfort zone and work toward common goals.
We live where we work and actively give back to organizations that strengthen our communities. Through MTS Future First, we provide sponsorships, grants and scholarships, value-in-kind support and volunteer commitment in Manitoba.
A community is a group of like-minded people brought together by a common factor or purpose. That factor could be a geographic area, or a shared goal. Winnipeg has no shortage of communities that continue to work together to achieve amazing results.

What’s next for you?

At CORE, we are excited to contribute to the smart cities movement with our clean-tech solution, applying our technology locally and globally from Winnipeg to Asia to Africa and the Caribbean, making cities smart and connected, bringing novel power solutions to non-electrified regions and helping communities make smart energy investments.
As Manitoba’s leading information and communications technology provider, MTS will continue to keep Winnipeg families and businesses connected with innovative, advanced services and solutions.
Peg City’s vision statement is to “Develop and satisfy the demand for carsharing by providing a practical and appealing solution”. To accomplish this we plan to continue to grow our membership and meet their needs by both increasing our vehicle fleet when warranted, or expanding our geographic network.
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