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BOLD Winnipeg

Less a collection of civic policy positions and more of a movement, BOLD is driven by the energy around the notion of bringing forward BOLD ideas and identifying BOLD leaders and initiatives. BOLD is about driving change through engagement.

The Chamber’s BOLD campaign was kicked off in 2010 with a full-day Manitoba BOLD event ahead of the provincial election. By the end of the forum we walked away with 23 pages of BOLD ideas. It was clear a vehicle was needed for people to bring forward their ideas with the hope of shining light on them in an environment that’s not critical, but supportive.

The Platform

The intent of the BOLD platform is to promote innovative long-term vision, thought and action for Winnipeg – at City Hall and throughout the community – and to inspire civic officials to incorporate elements of the platform into their agendas and – during elections – into their campaigns.

By design, the ideas and activities within the BOLD platform have not been costed. Ultimately, any idea or initiative that wins broad-based support and moves forward will need to be scoped and costed properly. BOLD Winnipeg, as one of the community’s largest civic brainstorming sessions, was not the appropriate venue for such an important step. It was always the intent to have BOLD Winnipeg be about the ideas, not the numbers and the chosen accounting methodology.

Pillar 1 | Civic government re-invented

City Hall is more than the center of decision-making for civic issues in Winnipeg; it is where citizens and our elected representatives engage one another in crafting and honing a collective vision for our community. The current model of civic government, like any model, must adapt and, when required, transform itself to embrace new realities, moving opportunities and the changing needs of our community. At the center of this transformation is a living, tangible commitment to openness and transparency.

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Pillar 2 | Civic finances redefined

Winnipeg citizens recognize that there is a cost to be paid for the civic services that we receive and value. Yet, the linkage between taxpayers’ investment and the services we receive in return is much harder to see under the current financial model. Compounding the challenge are community forces being brought to bear on multiple fronts – pressure to fix Winnipeg’s infrastructure deficit while maintaining tax competitiveness; calls for increased investment in everything from policing to plowing while seeking out sustainable revenue streams to meet the need.

The time for tinkering with percentage points is over. We must rethink the financing and delivery of civic government, redefining the urban model for the next 100 years.

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Pillar 3 | Community development re-envisioned

Communities are not static entities; their existence is one of constant change, be it growth or decline. Successful communities are those that recognize the opportunities to harness growth in a focused, progressive and sustainable fashion, driven by long-term vision and planning. From the Shoal Lake aqueduct to the recent CentrePort development, Winnipeg has shown it can be one of these communities. With a long-term vision and focus determination, Winnipeg can become a global model for responsible growth and development that is proactive in defining the context rather than reactive to ad hoc needs and pressures.

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Pillar 4 | Transportation and infrastructure reconfigured

Sometimes the road chosen is as important as the destination sought. As advances in urban public transportation globally have shown, successful communities are redefining how people and goods get from Point A to Point B. A reconstructed transportation and infrastructure approach, which capitalizes upon Winnipeg’s home-grown advantages and opportunities, is needed to keep Winnipeg’s growth and prosperity on the right path.

BOLD Winnipeg agrees action is needed now on pressing infrastructure challenges. But there is a risk to fixing a long-term infrastructure deficit with “patchwork” policy that focuses on better roads for now at the expense of tomorrow. Bold thinking allows us to construct a transportation system with purpose for the long haul.

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Pillar 5 | Economic development repurposed

Economic growth and prosperity aren’t purely business issues…they are the foundation for communities to succeed across a broad spectrum of goals. It is not a coincidence that today’s innovative, vibrant and world-class communities have at their core a dynamic, creative economy – the basis of which gives rise to social progress and well-being.

Winnipeg’s economic prowess has seen its fair share of flux. Through it all, we as a community have remained steadfast in our belief in Winnipeg’s potential. From the “Chicago of the North” era to one of Canada’s most diversified economies today, the resolute determination and inspiring creativity and innovation of our people will continue to be the catalyst for progress.

BOLD Winnipeg doesn’t need to manufacture creativity. BOLD Winnipeg seeks to create the conditions to unleash our vision and creativity, and harness the energy with collective economic purpose.

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