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Board Connect

Complete the Leadership Winnipeg program and be matched to serve on a not-for-profit board or committee.

In the second year of the Leadership Winnipeg program, graduates are matched with not‐for‐profit Boards and/or Board standing committees within Winnipeg. The Leadership Winnipeg Board Connect program aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • ​Providing graduates with the opportunity to expand their skills and contribute leadership to a community organization
  • Engaging the next generation of leaders to ensure continuous capacity building and long-term sustainability
  • Creating a network of talented and resourceful emerging leaders who will establish strong and lasting relationships that are personally and professionally beneficial
  • Creating a new avenue for boards to recruit confident, engaged and motivated leaders who are prepared to serve
  • Enabling non‐profit leaders to find professionals with the right skills, experience and social capital to help them be successful
  • Serving the community’s need for effective, highly‐skilled and energized leadership
  • Harnessing the momentum of Leadership Winnipeg through immediate engagement
  • Increasing awareness for non‐profit agencies and develop a sustained commitment among emerging leaders to their communities.

If your organization is interested in accepting a program participant to serve on your board or a standing committee please contact:

Jackie Hunt
Executive Director, Volunteer Manitoba
204‐477‐5180 ext. 225
[email protected]

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